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What hymnal is this replacing?

This hymnal was originally envisioned to be a sequel to Hymns of Worship & Remembrance and Hymns of Truth & Praise. However, our desire is that the Anthem Songs resources become your church’s main source for music and singing. Therefore, it could also be a replacement for CCLI subscriptions or any other congregational singing resource or hymnbook you use. 

When will the hymnal be available?

Our goal is to release the new ANTHEM SONGS hymnal app in the fall of 2020 with the printed hymnal coming in early 2021. We also hope to have the full online resource center (called Anthem+) launched and ready for use in early 2021.

The timely release of these pieces depends upon how quickly we can get everything done and the financial resources we have available. Please pray!

Will the hymnal include music notes and chords?

We will include both music notes, set in traditional four-part harmony, and guitar chords for all songs in the hymnal. We will also offer a guitar-chords-only book (also available digitally) with capo instructions for songs set in more difficult keys. 

Will Anthem Songs include music from controversial churches or songwriters like Bethel, Hillsong, Elevation, Vineyard, etc.?

The short answer is, maybe. It all depends on our song selection methodology. If you would like to read how we chose our songs you can download our position paper.

What services will you provide for congregations who do not use physical hymnals?

We are developing an interactive, subscription-based web platform, called Anthem+, which offers an accurate source of lyrics, projection slides, recordings, and transposable chord and hymn sheets for an ever-growing number of songs and hymns beyond the Anthem Songs Hymnal

Additionally, we hope to foster community in song through teaching videos, devotionals, customizable setlists, and song submission options. 

Do I need a CCLI License to use Anthem Songs Resources?

No. All subscribers to Anthem+ do not need CCLI subscriptions. We are able to provide churches with the legal coverage for all the typical copying and projecting activities that assist congregational singing; including the storing of lyrics on computers for projection, print song/service sheets, and bulletins, translating songs, and making custom arrangements off of the Anthem Songs sheet music. This service eliminates the need for and replaces CCLI subscriptions.

Does Anthem Songs have a mobile app?

Yes, indeed we do! Our “AnthemApp” can be used on tablets or smartphones. This for-purchase app will include the full Anthem Songs Hymnal in three formats (hymn-sheet, lyrics-only, chords-only) as well as additional resources for those who subscribe to the Anthem+ Platform.

Will the Anthem Songs Hymnal include songs appropriate for The Lord’s Supper?

Yes. Anthem Songs will include over 300 songs that are directly focused on the praise, worship, and remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are hymns/songs that did not make it into the ANTHEM SONGS collection but our church enjoys singing them. Will they be available on ANTHEM+?

In many cases, yes. Most hymns previously published in Hymns of Worship & Remembrance, Choice Hymns of the Faith, and Hymns of Truth & Praise will be available in our online platform (Anthem+) in their original form. 

Because good songs of praise to the Lord are being written or discovered all the time, new and original songs will regularly be added to the Anthem+ platform.  

Who is doing your arrangements for your hymnal?

We are working with veteran hymnal producer Note Worthy Music Services to help us with arrangements, design and layout.

How can we help fund this project?

There are many set up costs associated with this initiative (printing, song arrangement, web and app development, recordings, layout software, etc.) We are grateful for partners in this ministry.

Gifts can be given to ANTHEM SONGS through Believers Stewardship Services by visiting their contribution page. A personalized hymnal will be sent to anyone who gives over $100.

Visit our Give page for more details.