Unite. Engage. Exalt.

Why the name Anthem Songs?

As we reflected on our vision for this initiative: “To create a platform for a new collection of hymns and songs from every era of the church to promote unity and multi-generational worship for the honor, glory, and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ;” the committee felt “anthem” best described our intentions.

Anthem is defined as 

  1. “a song or hymn of praise or gladness” +
  2. “a piece of sacred vocal music, usually with words taken from the Scriptures.”*
  3. “a usually rousing popular song that typifies or is identified with a particular subculture, movement, or point of view.” +

+Miriam-Webster definition

Our desire is that this initiative reflects these three definitions of the word “anthem”

  1. This initiative will contain both modern songs and classic hymns of praise, worship, remembrance, and rejoicing focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Songs chosen will be inspired by and faithful to the Word of God and conducive for congregational singing.
  3. So many good songs have been written for the church. We want this project to be a “greatest hits” of sorts for Christian hymns. Our desire was to only include songs we felt were lasting classics of the church, songs that we feel have, will, or should stand the test of time. 

Additionally, as a group of evangelical, conservative, Bible-based Christians, the brethren movement has a unique point of view through which we sing and worship. This collection is specifically intended to aid and encourage the next generation in the assemblies to worship in simplicity and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our family loves music, and we enjoy singing and playing the classic hymns, as well as many new songs I am excited that Anthem Songs is collecting a fresh blend of both, and making them accessible in one place for us to sing, whether at home or with our church congregation. And, in a day where so many have to participate remotely, having the lyrics and the music available in print and in digital formats will be so helpful!

Dave Bosworth

Biblical Advisor